How to Conceal Undereye Circles/bags

Learn how to cover up dark circles with orange salmon concealer.

1)When you need to neutralize a color refer to the color wheel.

2)If you want to get rid of the blue undertone in your eye go with the opposite color on the wheel, which is blue.  

3)Your next step is to conceal with one shade lighter than your natural color. I recommend using Bobbi Brown Correctors they come in 16 pink- or peach-based shades that are designed to layer with Bobbi Brown’s yellow-based concealers. My other favorite is Eve Pearl Concealers, which come in peach/salmon conceal shades.

Watch this video tutorial on how to skin correct and apply!

Natural Remedies For Dark Circles & Puffy Eyes

Did you wake up only to look in the mirror after a night of partying, or studying, and see dark circles or puffy eyes! No worries we got you covered with these 6 all natural remedies you can do at home!

1) Get Plenty of rest. Typically, tiredness, lack of sleep or tension favor the look of these marks under the eyes. However, with time, the bags start to store fat, fluid and a swelling happens. In turn, the coloration of dark circles ends up being emphasized and ended up being more visible.

2) Hydrate. Dehydration can cause bags under the eyes, so up your water intake.

3) Severe cases can be fixed with surgery. Other factors that may predispose its development are genetic aspects, allergies, adverse effects due to the usage of certain drugs. When this problem is not dealt with early, the only method to eliminate dark circles and bags is through a little surgery, with risks running back to develop them in the future. If you do not have an extreme, persistent or recent issue, you can treat them with homemade dishes much more effective than any industrial cosmetic treatment.

Natural Remedies

1) With sweet potato.
The potato starch has bleaching properties to the skin. Besides this vegetable it is excellent for fighting inflammation and moisturizes the skin, as their water content is very high. To remove dark circles and bags, cut potato slices 1.5 cm thick and place in refrigerator 10 minutes. Then, apply directly on the eyelids and bags, let it act for 15 minutes.

2) With cucumbers.
The treatments we have seen so many times in the movies are true. Cucumber has anti – inflammatory properties that work very well topically . To do this, cut cucumber slices 0.5 cm thick. Place them over your eyes until they warm, then change them into new slices. Do this for 20 minutes and you will immediately notice the difference.

3) With green tea or black & green tea.
Green tea prevents fluid retention, so drink it daily promotes the elimination of toxins and prevents inflammation throughout the body. Drink two cups of green tea daily , one in the morning and one at night.

To take advantage of the antioxidants of this infusion and remove dark circles and eye bags, you can also moisturize two green tea bags with a little hot water. When they warm, remove some of the excess water and apply the sachets directly over the eyes.

4) With Ice.
pply an ice bag for 10 minutes. The ice will help to reduce swelling.

5) With cow or goat’s milk.
Place the milk in the refrigerator. When cool, soak two cotton circles and place them directly on the eyelids and pouches. Leave on for 15 minutes and then rinse with cold water. You’ll see that this trick to remove dark circles and bags is one of the easiest and effective!

6) With apples.
Apples help relax the muscles , so that will be a great help if you are tired and tense face after a long day. Place an apple in the refrigerator, when it is very cold, mix it together with a tablespoon of oats until it forms a thick paste. Cover your entire face with it, even the circumference of the eyes, and let it act for 15 minutes. Then rinse with plenty of cold water.

Additional advices…

1) Avoid anything that promotes fluid retention such as consumption of salt.

2) Consume abundant diuretic foods such as asparagus, green tea, etc.

3) Take care of your skin with moisturizers and protect it from damage by sun exposure.

4) Avoid the habit of rubbing the eyes continuously. Many people do it on repeated occasions every day and they do not know it. This habit irritates and damages the delicate tissues around the eye and interferes with treatment if you want to eliminate dark circles and bags .


About Owner Krystal Salisbury

Krystal Salisbury BIO

My dream was born ever since I was a young girl, I dreamt of fashion, makeup, and hair, working in Hollywood with movie stars and runways. My appetite for the glamorous life all started behind the scenes in fashion school in San Diego CA at the fashion shows with my passion for the hustle and bustle of prepping the models with clothes, accessories, makeup and hair styling, and then catching a glimpse of them strutting down the runway! I loved every minute of the hectic life behind the scenes! I then started to build a portfolio to show off my makeup work. Each photo shoot began with a vision to create a story, and I enjoyed the collaboration between the artist, model, and photographer to create a work of art. 

After Fashion College I continued to freelance as a makeup artist, and hairstylist working in the industry for over 10 years. I have worked with prestigious brands as a pro makeup artist for Channel, Lancôme, and  Laura Mercier. I worked on several fashion shows and photo shoots from LA, Vegas, to NYC, and presently run and manage artists for bridal work.

Some of my clients include, KUSI, CNN, Washington Post, Cover Girl, Garnier. Fashion: Vogue Bambini NYC Kids Fashion Week -among many others! 

In addition to building my portfolio, I was also building a family! I had always dreamt of having a little girl one day, and even to what she would look like, my dream came true when I was blessed with the love of my life, my daughter Bianca at age 25. At the time my finances were slim to none as I was not working, then unexpectedly my daughter's father died of an enlarged heart, while she was just a little baby. With this sudden devastation of loss I had to pull myself together and be strong for my little one; I wanted her to be proud of her mom and to show her that dreams can still come true even faced with tragedy. I believe that life is short, and to always say I love you to those you love, and to never hold grudges because it's not worth it. I do my best to live my life by the Golden Rule- do unto others as you would want them to do unto you. My mission is to inspire and encourage women to make their dreams come true.

With the support of my family, and friends God put into my life, I was able to start a business after saving money, while freelancing for two years, and living below my means. I decided to take my love for working on photo shoot sets, and bring a salon and photography studio collaboration together, thus I have been the proud owner of Krystal Rose Studio for five years. We are known in the Albany NY area as a beauty team for events, weddings, photo shoots, and spa parties, catering to each and every customer. 

I recently had the honor to be a part of what you would call the Cinderella Dream- A girl chosen from less than fortunate circumstances given the opportunity to go to prom wearing a dress she never dreamed she could own, jewelry to splurge on, and makeup to complete her look. I was so excited to be backstage with Dinair Airbrush Makeup Artistry team to beautify these young ladies  for their fashion show! Monte and Co-host Laura Marano were a delight to work with, and put on a wonderful show for Say Yes to The Prom. 

I have volunteered my beauty services to organizations who help women in domestic violence situations and women in transition. I look forward to giving back to the community through my new business relationship with Amy. We want to build beauty from the inside out by offering beauty building self-confidence courses, healthy living, wellness, and the ultimate beauty experience. My Beauty Philosophy- "A woman who knows her worth glows from the inside, she exudes confidence, and strength and there is nothing more beautiful." This is my goal to help women realize their true worth exceeds outside beauty and transcends time. 

I have been blessed and am fortunate enough to be the Owner of BPure Beauty Bar in Saratoga Springs, NY and Owner of Krystal Rose Studio. 

I work for looks that are timeless & classic. She is known for her "Krystal Glow" --- fresh, and glamorous!





Your Ultimate Defense Against Color Fade

QUINOA COLOR-LOCKING SYSTEM Color-treated hair can become dull, faded and damaged over time. To keep color vibrant, we’ve created the ultimate defense against the top three causes of color fade: Frequent shampooing and Thermal styling n UV exposure Ultimate Color Repair™ harnesses the reparative power of quinoa to lock in hair color, restore luster, and reverse the signs of damage. Discovered by the Incas thousands of years ago, quinoa is an ancient grain rich in amino acids that penetrate into the hair and bond like a magnet, creating a protective shield.

WHAT IS QUINOA? (KEEN-WAH) Quinoa’s high amino acid content, the building block of protein, delivers powerful repair and protection for longer-lasting color.

  • It Penetrates into the cortex and bonds like a magnet to negatively charged damage sites
  • Creates a scaffold around the hair, locking in color and minimizing oxidative damage that contributes to color fade
  • Forms a protective shield around the hair while smoothing the cuticle and adding moisture and shine!


Looking Your Best On Your Special Day!


Before and after hair and makeup. Makeup by Krystal salisbury

Before and after hair and makeup. Makeup by Krystal salisbury


Hiring a Makeup Artist & Hair Stylist for your Wedding Day could be the best decision you make!

Debating on whether or not you should hire a professional makeup artist or hair stylist for your wedding day? Consider that you have invested time and money when planning your wedding, such as the perfect dress, photographer, venue, and flowers, which all tie into creating your vision, so why skimp on your makeup and hair?  When you turn the corner and come down the aisle – all eyes are on you and your special moment.  Hiring professional artists will help ensure that you are flawless and beautiful for your wedding day and will be forever remembered through wedding photographs. You’re photographer will thank you for hiring a professional artist who knows what they’re doing in creating beauty.


Hair by krystal salisbury

Hair by krystal salisbury

1.     Be Stress Free
Enjoy the salon/spa coming to you on your wedding day, relax and be pampered in the comfort of your hotel, home, or venue, while sipping on champagne, enjoying breakfast, and chatting with your girlfriends. You already have enough to worry about, leave the beauty part to the professionals. 

2.    Be The Best You

Although you may say I don’t wear much makeup so I’ll just do it myself, what you may not realize is there is a lot more detail in creating a natural makeup look for photography than you think. Bridal makeup is entirely different from your everyday makeup, even if you do a great job the key is to know how the makeup photographs. A professional makeup artist will highlight your best features and contouring any imperfections.  They will use proper techniques and professional products that are best for all day wear to keep you looking flawless through your entire day. Your makeup artist is going to know what colors to use to make your eyes pop and how to apply eyeshadows correctly for your eye shape. Your hairstylist is going to know what hairstyles will best suit your facial shape, facial features, and fit your desired hairstyle within your bridal theme. Also, your hairstylist will keep in mind how your hair will photograph from every angle to make sure symmetry is perfect.

3.   High Quality Professional Products

Professional hair/makeup artists carry high quality expensive products that are designed for HD film/TV, longevity, and wear-ability. Leave your hair and makeup in the hands of professionals who have taken years of professional training to keep up on the trends, techniques, and latest product inventions. Do your research when hiring your artist, ask them what is in their kit, as most professionals have spent $500-$2500 on their kits.

6 months prior to wedding we recommend starting a 6 step facial series. stop any facial treatments one week prior to the wedding. Stop any peels two weeks prior to the wedding. COME INTO THE SPA FOR SOME PAMPERING THE DAY BEFORE YOUR WEDDING TO PRIMP AND PREP WITH A LUXURIOUS MASSAGE, blowout, NAIL AND WAXING TREATMENTS. 

6 months prior to wedding we recommend starting a 6 step facial series. stop any facial treatments one week prior to the wedding. Stop any peels two weeks prior to the wedding. COME INTO THE SPA FOR SOME PAMPERING THE DAY BEFORE YOUR WEDDING TO PRIMP AND PREP WITH A LUXURIOUS MASSAGE, blowout, NAIL AND WAXING TREATMENTS. 

4.   Your Skin, Why Is It So Important?

Everyone is looking at you on your wedding day as you are the center of attention, so invest in you- this is your day do it your way! In order to achieve that flawless makeup look we all want, we first need to take care of our skin. A professional makeup artist will be able to examine and give recommendations for improving your skin and possibly be able to customize a skin care routine for you or recommend a series of facials before the big day. BPure Spa recommends our brides to start a 6 step series of facials well in advance of your wedding date, ask us more about our bridal spa packages. 

5.    Why is a bridal trial important?
A bridal trial is a chance for you to meet with your artists and try hair/makeup styles you like to give you an idea of what your overall look will be. Just because you love a certain hairstyle on someone else it may or may not be the right look on you. You will want to meet them and make sure that your personalities are compatible, because they will be a part of an intimate time with you and your bridal party. At your trial you should be able to communicate your ideas or concerns and be open to receiving feedback from your stylist on what looks may be best suited for you. A professional artist who is great at what they do will listen to your concerns, make sure you’re comfortable, and will gain your trust in the process. You should walk out of your bridal trial feeling like a million bucks, and if you don’t make sure you let your artist know, as they are there to make you happy. 


So…. Will you be hiring a professional to do your makeup and hair on your wedding day? Remember you get what you pay for, make sure you do your research when hiring an artist. If there is a makeup/hair stylist offering super low prices for on-location wedding makeup/hair, they are most likely lacking experience.  Book a professional with a portfolio, reviews, and a good reputation, because it is not worth hiring the wrong person for your wedding day!

Our Vision

BPure Beauty Bar was created by Krystal Salisbury a single mother with a passion for the beauty industry, who saw an opportunity to develop a unique beauty bar concept. We are so excited to open our doors to the community, which was once known as the S-hairatoga salon.

BPure Beauty Bar is your ultimate destination for all of your beauty needs! We promote beauty from the inside out, by offering beauty supplements, fresh juices, natural skin care, Paul Mitchell hair care, BPure spa services, blow-dry beauty bar,  beauty events, and bridal beauties. 

Be Bold, Be Beautiful, Be You.......Introducing BPure skin care and makeup, bringing out your natural beauty! Beauty Philosophy- "A woman who knows her worth glows from the inside, she exudes confidence, and strength and there is nothing more beautiful." Krystal Salisbury

Our doors will be opening December 2016.