5 Great Mother's Days Ideas

Hello and happy May! 

May is just around the corner and that means flowers are blooming, warmer weather and its time to celebrate the number one lady in your life... Your mom. Here are some ideas to treat your special lady to a wonderful mother's day we know she will love and feel appreciated.

Have a spa day


What woman doesn't want to be pampered? After all those years of diaper rashes, paying for school books and watching you grow, your mom deserves some time to relax! Krystal Rose Studios definitely has some great services offered for that special day. 

Cook for her

After a million breakfasts, lunches and dinners and free food, why not return the favor? In my opinion, a Sunday brunch is the best time. You will definitely want to check out some great brunch ideas from Bon Appetit


The gift of rest


Your mom has definitely been active. She has always been on the move to soccer games, ballet recitals, and any activity you as a teen could imagine. Why not let her for once be stress-free, turn on that snooze and enjoy her bed? 

Try a wine tasting


Whether it's with the whole family or a mother-daughter bonding Sunday, it is time to relax, try some different shades of reds and whites and reconnect (and what better way to reconnect with a merlot in your hand to sip on).

Family scavenger hunt


Get the whole family involved in a morning scavenger hunt before brunch or wine tasting. Not only do you show mom some fun times, but it is also great to become close to each other (and maybe a little fun competition).

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5 Best Spring Dress Styles

Spring is by far my favorite season. It is a time to get out and enjoy the sun, dinners, cocktails, jogging outside again. I do not know about you but I also enjoy the feeling of not needing a big, bulky winter coat to hide all my favorite outfits. Also there is one more thing I look forward to… the fashion each year. Whether its a warm spring/summer day OR a night out, here are the must have dresses this season. Please check out our website at https://www.bpurelife.com/ for some great options this season

  1. Floral prints

https://bit.ly/2HJXTfj  - New Summer Floral Pencil skirt dress (bpure life) $28

https://bit.ly/2HJXTfj - New Summer Floral Pencil skirt dress (bpure life) $28


Definitely, a style that never gets old. We love floral prints and what better way to have a feminine and universal style for every occasion. 

2. Maxi Dresses

I do not know about you, but every now and again I love slapping on a maxi dresses for my Sunday (or whatever day you have) funday. Maxi dresses are definitely a must have. They are great for a day just relaxing, out with friends, brunch, dinner… I definitely could go on about my love for maxi dresses.

https://bit.ly/2qJ3Q4E  Summer Dress Women Boho Long Maxi Evening Party Dress $28

https://bit.ly/2qJ3Q4E Summer Dress Women Boho Long Maxi Evening Party Dress $28


3. Polka Dots

https://bit.ly/2qJPcdB  1950s Vintage Cap Sleeve Polka Dot White Swing Dress $31

https://bit.ly/2qJPcdB 1950s Vintage Cap Sleeve Polka Dot White Swing Dress $31


Coming in for a close second to floral prints, polka dots are a must have this season. Polka dots are cute, flirty and definitely great for matching with a cardigan, some flashy pumps and a pearl necklace and you have a sweet vintage look for a summer evening.

4. Pastels

https://bit.ly/2qKk4tw Burning Desire Light Blue Lace dress (LULUS) $58

https://bit.ly/2qKk4tw Burning Desire Light Blue Lace dress (LULUS) $58


Definitely, want to bring a little color to your wardrobe. Pastels are feminine, sweet and great for those special occasions like weddings, bridal and baby showers.

5. Ruffles

Ruffle dresses are a fun, flirty and in this season. I love a cute mini dress with ruffles along the sleeves.

https://bit.ly/2EXPT7m  Ruffles Floral Printed Summer Dress Women Off Shoulder Mini Dress Sexy Beach Party Spaghetti Dress $26

https://bit.ly/2EXPT7m Ruffles Floral Printed Summer Dress Women Off Shoulder Mini Dress Sexy Beach Party Spaghetti Dress $26


Source: https://www.elle.com/fashion/trend-reports...

Sun Damage, How To Prevent It.

As warmer weather approaches, its time for fun in the sun!  I don’t know about you but I love a good jog in the early morning followed by an afternoon at the beach or maybe lunch outside at my favorite café. Whatever it would be you obviously want to be cute wearing those tank tops, sleeveless dresses and showing off some legs *wink*, Of course, there is one thing we should all be mindful of…The sun.


Sun damage to your skin can put you further at risk of cancer. Besides that dreaded C word, it can also cause other damaging problems such as abnormal discoloration and wrinkling. We did our research and here are some great and fashionable ways to help prevent sun damaged during this spring and summer:

Ways to prevent it:

Sunblock is a must! I try to keep it at 30SPF or higher and use daily! Also, try to use a moisturizer for your face with SPF, saves a trip for going to the store twice. 

sun block.jpeg


ChapStick- Not only will your lips thank you, you can also get a huge variety of flavors and types; anything from normal Chap Stick to lip balms and glosses. 



Sunglasses- keep your eyes happy and also helps protect the skin around your eyes against UV rays. 

sun glasses.jpeg


Hats! Great for covering your head. This can help with your scalp and also help cover your face to prevent skin damage.

Use an Umbrella! UV is strongest between 10-4. Why not bring it out in the sun.

Source: https://www.onhealth.com/content/1/sun_dam...

Best Spring Makeup Trends

April is here and that means springtime is in the air! This year we have the latest trends in makeup. Here are six different looks and what products to buy for the best makeup trends this spring. 

1. Dusty Pastels

Photo by: Allure.com

Photo by: Allure.com


   We definitely love this vintage look from the 70's and it's coming back! Modernize the look by blending it throughout the entire eyelid. This a great look for both night and day. 

 We recommend: Dior Eye Reviver Backstage Pros Illuminating Neutrals Eye Palette, $62.00 (it is alittle pricy, but worth every cent!)

2. Flushed Cheeks

     I don't know about you, but adding a little color to my complexion is always good. Whether it is adding to your look for an evening out, or just a nude look during the day, it definitely will complete your look.

Photo courtesy: makeup.allwomenstalk.com

Photo courtesy: makeup.allwomenstalk.com


Our recommendation: Rms Beauty Lip2Cheek in Modest, $36

3. The Cat Eye

Photo courtesy: Stylecraze.com

Photo courtesy: Stylecraze.com


      This is an all-time favorite of ours! It definitely never goes out in style. These days, this oldie but goodie is rocking it with a sharp angle look at the end of the eyelid. It's sexy and sassy.

Our recommendation to get this look: MAC Liquid Last Eyeliner, $21

4. Metallic blue shadows

      I love adding a little risk to my makeup (especially when I'm out for good night of dancing), which is why I definitely recommend metallic blue shades. 

Our recommendation: Prismatic Eyeshadow, at Ulta.com for $5.99



5. Moisturizing Matte

     Matte is definitely in this spring. We recommend picking a variety of reds and pinks this spring. 

Our recommendation:  Physicians Formula Healthy Lip Velvet Lipstick, 6.99

Photo Courtesy of: Thinkingofmakeup.com

Photo Courtesy of: Thinkingofmakeup.com


6. Oil Slick

This is a great option for those spring and summer evenings. It adds a little shine to your look for that spring fling date or a night out with the girls. 

Our recommendation: Tom Ford, Lip Slick, $54

Photo Courtesy: bestskinbrighteningcreams.com

Photo Courtesy: bestskinbrighteningcreams.com

Source: https://www.marieclaire.com/beauty/makeup/...

Prom 2018: Tips For Hair, Makeup, & The Dress

Whether you are excited to go to prom or an anxious parent making sure your daughter gets the best experience possible, here are some tips that will help you rest at ease. I remember getting ready for my prom. The hair, the make-up, the dress (yes, it is all about the dress), it can be stressful. Here are some tips for it all!

  1. Dresses

The dress can be the key to a great prom night or a horrible one. According to jovani.com (link: https://bit.ly/2IQgrdZ), here are the five best dress styles going on this season 2018.

Metallic shades:



This look is definitely a head turner this season. Being so popular on the red carpet today, it this style comes in shades of gold, silver, and bronze as well as more commonly used colors such as blue, green and red. Pair this with a smokey eye or add some glamorous red lipstick.

The open back:

Want to give your daughter a chance to feel a little sassy, yet tasteful? The open back is a big trend this year for the runway. It also comes in many different styles and cuts. There is something for everyone. This is definitely a look great for a vintage  makeup look. Make sure you wear your hair up in a classy bun and do not forget to take that famous turn around pose.



Soft pastel:



This is by far my favorite, pastel shades for prom. Pastel colors are always elegant, attractive and tasteful. Pair this with some bronze and nude makeup and loose hairstyles and you have the perfect look for the perfect prom.

Cutouts and strappy details:

Whether it is spaghetti crisscrosses or other unique cuts out designs, it is definitely a must choice for prom. Its classy and attractive. This 90s classic is coming back for 2018. A sleek straighten hairstyle is your best bet and it lets the dress do the talking. Keep the makeup, clean and soft.





Color is the key to finding the perfect velvet dress. Whether you are looking for a dress that is a simple color (blue, pink, red) or something a bit more complex such as a mermaid cut. You can also do something more simple in cut such as ballroom gown style. Match this dress with a bold lip, matching heels and clutch. if you have a low neckline, add a poppin' gold or silver necklace.

Have you decided on hair and makeup? Set up your appointment at BPure Beauty Bar 

Source: https://www.jovani.com/blog/prom-dresses/t...

Tips & Tricks For Your Hair This Spring

Hello ladies. The first day of spring was the 21st and you know what that means… Warmer weather! We hope anyway. The climate change not only affects your wardrobe but also your hair! Here at BPure Beauty Bar, we would like to give you some great tips for products and services we think would be helpful for this season.

 Curls and Frizz

Photo: tamefrizzyhair.com

Photo: tamefrizzyhair.com


            For those of you with this weather change, you experience drier hair (and drier climates) you hair becomes brittle and dry and even feels like straw (curly girls I am talking to you since coiled hair is drier by nature). Here are some tips and products you could use to help treat and prevent this issue:

  •   Take a breather on those hot tools (straightening irons, blow dryers etc.). Let your hair dry naturally and show off those gorgeous curly locks
  •  Implement more moisture into your hair care regimen with hydrating shampoos and conditioner. We also recommend a Hair Mask with coconut milk or argan oil for an extra moisturizer for those locks. I personally enjoyed this one:  Gariner hair masks it works wonders for me!
  • Bring out those silk or satin pillowcases and sheets or use a satin-lined nightcap.
  • For hair that is already dried, try awapuhi wild ginger styling treatment oil. It quenches parched hair and smooths frizz, leaves strands soft, silky and gives it that rich salon treated shine. It is a light weight formula and gives a natural finish to your styling routine. We love the product and you can get here at BPure Beauty Bar. We highly recommend it.

 Too Oily

So let's face not having enough oil is tough, having too much is just as frustrating. Many people get too much oil in their hair for many different reasons. It can be from putting too much product in your hair and your hair and scalp just need a simple detoxing. You could even be just touching your hair too much. There are definitely ways to help prevent and manage oily hair.  


Photo:  vkool.com

Photo: vkool.com

  • Wash a little more. Shampooing gives you an opportunity to clean out the dirt and oils in your hair. Using a great shampoo option is important. We recommend Scruples Clarifying Shampoo It is great to use daily to clean out oil and product.
  • An egg yolk mask is a great natural and affordable for a little extra help. Egg yolks have a high sulfur content, which can help relieve dandruff and greasy hair symptoms. Also, egg yolks contain lecithin and protein, which can help strengthen your hair while providing it with a softer, shinier appearance.
  • Make sure your brush or comb is clean before using it. Keeping a build up of old dirt, dandruff and oils in your hairbrush can lead to getting more oils in your hair. 

Damaged by over-processed hair


Let's face it, the spring and summer are great times to reinvent your look. Coloring your hair is always fun, exciting and brings a new feeling for yourself. Without the proper hair care for colored hair, then it can get dry and feel unhealthy. Here are our beauty tips for managing your hair.

  • Like our curly hair friends, over-processing your hair can easily damage it and leave it dry and weak.  We definitely recommend and use Paul Mitchell awapuhi ginger Microsmooth shampoo and conditioner for frizz control.
  • Again a hair mask is definitely a great additive to our ideal regimen when dealing with damaged here. A little bit of coconut oil as well goes a long way for your hair. 
  • Want to take a natural route? Apple Cider Vinegar is a great miracle working with not only body health benefits but also hair. Add a little bit of egg whites and olive oil for protein and shine with your hair.

Best St. Patrick's Day Cocktails

Happy St. Patrick's Day weekend 2018! 

What better way to celebrate this holiday than with a festival, delicious drink? We have done our research and here are 18 of our favorite cocktails we know you won't regret. 

1. Luck of the Irish shots.

This festival, minty and chocolate will definitely turn some heads and get the party going. 


green irish shots.jpg

2. Chocolate Guinness Float

I'm a huge fan rootbeer floats when I was young, why not spice it up and enjoy this sweet, delicious drink. 

3. Shamrock Sour cocktail

Sweet. Sour. Green. What more could you ask for on this festival green leprechaun holiday? :)

4. Irish Jello Shots

An everyone's favorite. Can't have a party without jello shots right? 

5. Sparkling Shamrock


Want something cool and fresh? This is festival, simple and if you are anything like me you will love the melon flavor.

6. Andes Mint Martini


7.  Grasshopper

A classic milkshake with a twist.

8. Blushing Whiskey Sour

Photo credit:  Klienworth & Co.

Photo credit: Klienworth & Co.

Beautiful AND Tasty

9. Paddy Wallbanger

An Irish twist on this classic cocktail. 

10. Dirty Girl Scout

Our favorite girl scout with an adult twist ;) 

11. Bailey's Flat White Martini


I love the Flat White lattes at Starbucks. What better way than with a little sweet Bailey's to add to the already favorite.

12.  Green Dublin Cocktail   

Tart and delicious. a great hit for you and your ladies for a night out this weekend.

13. St. Patrick's Day Cocktail

Refreshing rum cocktail for those of you relaxing this weekend.

14. Irish Coffee Royale

irish coffee .jpeg

Warm up with this delicious warm beverage for this cool evening nights out this weekend (or any weekend for that matter we won't judge :P)

15. Irish car bomb

irish carbomb.png

This is something I use to have every year in college on St. Patrick's day. A favorite of mine with cream, whiskey, and, stout (mostly Guinness). 

16. Baby Guinness Jello Shots

(mmm Delish).

17. Lucky Charms Shot

Reminisce about your favorite childhood cereal. 

18. Green Apple Sangria

I love sangrias, they are so refreshing. Why not add a green, festive twist to it? 


Source: https://realhousemoms.com/25-st-patricks-d...

Five Successful & Influential Woman Today

Hello March! Not only is the hope of Spring near, but it is also that month dedicated to women. Welcome National Women's History Month. 

We know that women have struggled throughout the years to give us the opportunity we have today. It's a great feeling that today we are not taking that for granted. In fact, we here from BPure Beauty Bar would like to celebrate the top five women of our day.  Get ready and hold on to your chairs girls, here are the top 5 most successful and influential woman of our time. 

1. Oprah Winfrey

This is without a doubt an obvious for anyone in the world. Oprah is definitely living the American dream from rags to riches. With her career starting in high school when she worked part-time at a TV station, she has now blossomed as a positive influence for woman and people around the world. 



2. Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama has been and still is one of the most active first lady's in American History. She is successful for starting the Let's Move!, School Lunch Program and helped the country’s largest food manufacturers pledged to cut 1.5 trillion calories from the food they sell by 2015 through their Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation (just to name a few).

michelle obama.jpg

3. Angelina Jolie

Not only is she a successful actress, she has definitely shown her calling in the world as a UN High Commissioner for Refugees Goodwill Ambassador, advocating on behalf of refugees around the world.  After filming Lara Croft in Cambodia and seeing the proverty, she was inspired to not only take action but to also inspire others in the world to take action.



4. J. K. Rowling

This British author has definitely made her name out in the world with her award-winning Harry Potter series. Her book series have sold over 400 million copies and is still a popular hit today. 


5. Indra Nooyi

Starting in 1994 she worked at Pepsico and today is an influential woman showing that hard work definitely pays off. Since she started working as CFO, PepsiCo’s revenues have increased by over 70%. Impressively, under Nooyi’s leadership, PepsiCo surpassed Coca-Cola in market value for the first time in history.

Source: http://www.feministezine.com/feminist/wome...

Fashion at the Oscars

It is that time of year, the Oscars. We love it all; the red carpet, the performances, and especially the fashion. I know that when I was a little girl, watching everyone in their beautiful gowns and slick tuxedos was the most exciting thing ever and today is no different.


At B Pure Beauty we love fashion and definitely want to share our favorite outfits for this year's Oscars.

Meryl Streep, nominated for best actress in a leading role for "The Post". She is definitely gorgeous in this Dior gown   

Meryl Streep, nominated for best actress in a leading role for "The Post". She is definitely gorgeous in this Dior gown


Beautiful Nicole Kidman in Armani Privé

Beautiful Nicole Kidman in Armani Privé

Dee rees (left), nominated for best adpated screenplay for "Mudbound." Her partner (right), Sarah Broom

Dee rees (left), nominated for best adpated screenplay for "Mudbound." Her partner (right), Sarah Broom

Taraji P. Henson

Taraji P. Henson

Emma Stone won best actress at the 2017 Oscars for her role in "La La Land" She is gorgeous wearing Louis Vuitton. 

Emma Stone won best actress at the 2017 Oscars for her role in "La La Land" She is gorgeous wearing Louis Vuitton. 

(Left) Lupita Nyong is gorgeous in a one-shoulder gold Atelier Versace Frock and (right) Danai Gurira wearing a Gabriela Hearst.

(Left) Lupita Nyong is gorgeous in a one-shoulder gold Atelier Versace Frock and (right) Danai Gurira wearing a Gabriela Hearst.

Beautiful Jennifer Lawrence in a golden gown from Dior.

Beautiful Jennifer Lawrence in a golden gown from Dior.

Camila Alves & Matthew McConaughey

Camila Alves & Matthew McConaughey

Kobe Bryant and wife Vanessa Bryant. Beautiful Couple. Kobe was won best animated short film for "Dear Basketball"

Kobe Bryant and wife Vanessa Bryant. Beautiful Couple. Kobe was won best animated short film for "Dear Basketball"

Best Perm Styles For This Spring!

Ladies, spring is just around the corner. It’s time to get that new style you’ve always wanted, whether it’s the latest trends in clothes, makeup and one of my personal favorites… HAIR! I love knowing the latest trends in hair and this season an oldie but goodie is back and redesigned the perm! Perms have always been known for its tight, well-defined poodle curls. But 2018 has brought a whole new way to define the perm and B Pure Beauty Bar loves them all. We picked five of our favorite perms that are in this season.

1. Natural or Perm? Perm


Our first choice is for you ladies who want to keep the natural look going. This perm
gives you the luscious, sexy curls. This textured curl look is in and it looks more amazing then ever!
You know what they say: go big or go home.

2. Mohawk perm


Want to really re-invent yourself this season? This double daring style is a must try (if
you are up for the fun challenge). It’s daring to sport the Mohawk, why not add a little curl
and volume to top it off?

3. Super defined root perm


For those of us who want to have those beautiful, well defined bouncy curls, this perm is
for you. Get the luscious locks you’ve always wanted. This style will lift your hair from the
roots to give loads of volume and tight curly-Qs.

4.  Beach Waves Perm

beach perm.jpg

Unwind with the laid back, chilled beach girl look. Perms don’t always have to be tight
defined curls anymore. Get this look with the help of an Olaplex Perm.

5.  Big Body Perm


This perm will give you big, gorgeous curls that look natural and feel sassy. You’ll get
that special oomph for the evening out with your girls or an afternoon out.

Book any one of these looks at www.vagaro.com/bpurebeautybarinc

Source: http://bit.ly/1ACnoXq

6 Best Makeup Trends for Spring 2018

It is almost the end of February already and you know what that means…? The hope for Spring is just around the corner! Time to feel the warm sun, plan trips and of course trade in those heavy winter coats for a flattering spring dress. I know for a fact I also like to know the latest trends in cosmetics.

We here at Be Pure Beauty Bar have researched and came up with six must-have items this spring/summer 2018:


1.     Tea Stained Eye Shadow

This look is popular on the runway this season and it's obvious why. We recommend L’Oreal Paris Infallible Shaping Stick.


teastained eye.jpg

2.     Red lipstick

As if this hasn’t been out of style yet! Who doesn’t love a sassy red to go for a night out with the girls or a date. We recommend MAC cosmetics MAC red lipstick.

Taylor Swift rockin' the red lips

Taylor Swift rockin' the red lips

3. Cat Eyes

This is one of my favorite looks. I definitely recommend Stila Eyeliner at Sephora.



4. Thick Eyelashes



As if this isn’t obvious. What girl doesn't want to bat their eyelashes this spring? Long eyelashes are definitely not going out of style anytime soon. We love Dior Pumpshow Pump n’ Volume Mascara.

5. Gold and Metallic nail polish


Time to bring out the wild risk taker in you ladies. I always love these nail polishes for a night out with the girls. Essie shades are a MUST for this spring.

essie nail polish.jpg

6. Face Masks


With all these makeup tips, our last tip for this spring that’s in is a facial mask. With all the dirt and oils that may build up with the season change, it’s always a good plan to treat your skin right.  Below is an article with some of the best homemade facial masks. Who would have thought that your groceries could also be cosmetics!




Fashion Week 2018! Our Favorite Styles

We all love fashion and 2018’s New York Fashion is sadly over. No fears though! We here at Be Pure Beauty Bar love all the beautiful makeup, hairstyles and of course fashion! We would like to share with you our favorite looks from this year.

Prabal Gurung

Prabal Gurung’s line this week during New York Fashion was simple beautiful and colorful. Prabal has been a strong influence on empowering and embracing feminism as he quoted on social media: “This is the #pgworld, where we celebrate female solidarity, we share colours of Prabal’s home in the east and we present a vision of our collective future, a future that is #StrongInColour.”

Leanne Marshall

I don’t know about you but I am a sucker for evening gowns and dresses. This year on Valentine’s Day, Leanne Marshall at Gallery II at Spring Studios shared some perfect gowns for 2018. Not only were they gorgeous gowns, but Leanne supports women of all sizes! The gowns are gorgeous and elegant; the women are beautiful and strong. What more could we ask for?

LeanneMarshall_fashion 2018.jpg

Esteben Cortazer

Columbian designer, Esteben Cortazer has taken a huge storm bringing diversity to the runaway. He brings a modern twist with greys, greens and earthy colors to the everyday working woman. He has taken a lot of inspiration from other cities his work has grown which gives it a beautiful, sophisticated and worldly feel.


Michael Kor

Now I love my Michael Kors and this year he really mixed everything... literally everything! Anything from plaid, floral prints, and stripes. According to Vogue.com, "Kors’s show felt effortlessly inclusive in multiple ways. There were unknowns and there were runway vets, twiggy girls, and curvy ones, male and female models from all over the globe. Kors sees beauty everywhere—a fitting message for Valentine’s Day." -Nichole Phelps

Tom Ford

Animal prints, leggings, you are looking back at a revamped 80's style. Last but not least, Tom Ford's combat with his unique style during New York Fashion Week.  According to Nichole Phelps, Vogue Author, "Tom Ford in a nutshell: confident in the extreme and irreverent to the edge of defiance. For every viewer that questions this show’s good taste, there’s another that’ll call it glamour and be seduced." His work definitely deserves a second look.

tom ford.jpg
Source: www. vogue.com

Valentine's Day, Kissable Lips. Our Top 5 Long Lasting Lipsticks



Ladies, it is another year and another Valentine’s Day. We all want to look our best. We must all find the perfect outfit to wear, hair, makeup, the works! We all want the perfect Valentine’s Day.


While we here at BPure Beauty Bar may not have the solution to all your questions about the perfect Valentine’s Day, we certainly do have tips to keep your ideal look throughout the whole night.  These five lipsticks are a must have for this romantic day of love.


Chanel Rouge Double Intensite Ultra-Wear Lip Color

            Though it may be a bit on the pricey end, Chanel has always had a great reputation for beauty. Whether you are looking for a fiery red or a subtle pink, this is a perfect go for a long-lasting color.




$37.00 on Chanel.com

LipSense Liquid Lip Color

               Lipsense is a unique product that is waterproof and it does not smear off, rub off or budge off.  This color has been tested to last anywhere from 4 to 18 hours along. What a beautiful way to end your Valentine’s Day.



$25.00 on seneweb.sengence.com

Grande Cosmetics Hydra Plump Semi-Matte Liquid Lipstick

           Exclusive at Sephora.com, the Hydra Plump liquid lipstick is perfect for your night out and for those of you that love animals, this product is vegan and animal cruelty-free! I personally love this product for keeping your lips hydrated and keeping a long-lasting color.



$25.00 on Sephora.com

L’Oreal Infallible Pro-Last Lip color

           Have a little less of a budget? L’Oreal has always been a brand I have kept in my home. At $12.99 on their website, L’Oreal has been on every shelf. This product is a great addition on a budget to keep in your purse and in your bathroom.



$12.99 on lorealpairsusa.com

MAC Lipstick

            Last but not least, MAC lipstick lines are perfect. With MAC’s reputation to last, it is a perfect brand for your date now (or even just during the day). Whether you are looking for a night out with a bright red or an everyday office look with their nude line, I guarantee MAC would last throughout your whole day.


$17.50 on maccosmetics.com

Introducing A New Color Line @bpurebeautybar

10% Off Color with Haircut and Flat Iron/Curling Iron Service through the end of January 2018!!!!






Scruples Color



BPure Beauty Bar is stepping up it's color game with Scruples Hair Care color and styling products. 

Scruples’ Protective Barrier Complex (PBX®) is comprised of four essential ingredients: mucopolysaccharides, UV absorbers, hydrolyzed proteins and silicone conditioners.

Whether your hair is fine, coarse, normal or color treated, PBX® works to replenish moisture and add protein to help maintain elasticity and improve hair’s inner strength – leaving it manageable, healthy and noticeably sexy.


add moisture-binding qualities to keep hair flexible, healthy and shiny.


help protect hair from environmental damage and color fade.


provide hair with strength, body and volume.


promote shine for healthy, conditioned hair.

Scruples Classic Collection of hair care and styling products will also be available for retail.  Here's why you need these in your life..

Established in 1983. Reimagined for today.

  • Designed to handle every hair type
  • Gluten-free, paba-free and cruelty-free
  • Gentle and color safe
  • Salon-exclusive, not available in mass retail outlets
  • Established, trusted formulas

Book your appointment today to experience why Estetica, Modern Salon and Beauty Launchpad are raving about these products.

Bpure Cleanser

Did you know we have our own line of skin care products?! Check out Bpure exfoliate & renew cleanser with hydroxy acids.

* Deep cleansing lotion that contains Glycolic, Lactic, and Salicylic Acids.

*Glycolic Acid encourage the production of collagen and increases skin turnover.

*Lactic Acids provide moisturizing effects and refresh the texture of skin.

*Salicylic Acids encourage surface renewal for a smooth, more youthful texture.

*Contains Jojoba beads that gently loosened dead skin cells and accelerate the skin's natural renewal process. (gentle enough to use twice a day)

Ask about our complimentary mini-facial with salon services.



  • Available at BPure Beauty Bar. 57 Phila Street, Saratoga Springs 518-584-2270
  • Paul Mitchell® INVISIBLEWEAR™ is a complete line of hair care and styling products that’s all about embracing the beauty of imperfection and making chic simple.
  • To create the perfect foundation for undone, effortless looks, INVISIBLEWEAR™ Shampoo cleanses and volumizes for a gorgeously relaxed look. It works to add just the right amount of texture and life into dull-looking hair while infused velvet flower softens each strand for flawless manageability.
  • Use INVISIBLEWEAR™ Shampoo to prep hair for elegantly undone-looking styles.