5 Great Mother's Days Ideas

Hello and happy May! 

May is just around the corner and that means flowers are blooming, warmer weather and its time to celebrate the number one lady in your life... Your mom. Here are some ideas to treat your special lady to a wonderful mother's day we know she will love and feel appreciated.

Have a spa day


What woman doesn't want to be pampered? After all those years of diaper rashes, paying for school books and watching you grow, your mom deserves some time to relax! Krystal Rose Studios definitely has some great services offered for that special day. 

Cook for her

After a million breakfasts, lunches and dinners and free food, why not return the favor? In my opinion, a Sunday brunch is the best time. You will definitely want to check out some great brunch ideas from Bon Appetit


The gift of rest


Your mom has definitely been active. She has always been on the move to soccer games, ballet recitals, and any activity you as a teen could imagine. Why not let her for once be stress-free, turn on that snooze and enjoy her bed? 

Try a wine tasting


Whether it's with the whole family or a mother-daughter bonding Sunday, it is time to relax, try some different shades of reds and whites and reconnect (and what better way to reconnect with a merlot in your hand to sip on).

Family scavenger hunt


Get the whole family involved in a morning scavenger hunt before brunch or wine tasting. Not only do you show mom some fun times, but it is also great to become close to each other (and maybe a little fun competition).

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Prom 2018: Tips For Hair, Makeup, & The Dress

Whether you are excited to go to prom or an anxious parent making sure your daughter gets the best experience possible, here are some tips that will help you rest at ease. I remember getting ready for my prom. The hair, the make-up, the dress (yes, it is all about the dress), it can be stressful. Here are some tips for it all!

  1. Dresses

The dress can be the key to a great prom night or a horrible one. According to jovani.com (link: https://bit.ly/2IQgrdZ), here are the five best dress styles going on this season 2018.

Metallic shades:



This look is definitely a head turner this season. Being so popular on the red carpet today, it this style comes in shades of gold, silver, and bronze as well as more commonly used colors such as blue, green and red. Pair this with a smokey eye or add some glamorous red lipstick.

The open back:

Want to give your daughter a chance to feel a little sassy, yet tasteful? The open back is a big trend this year for the runway. It also comes in many different styles and cuts. There is something for everyone. This is definitely a look great for a vintage  makeup look. Make sure you wear your hair up in a classy bun and do not forget to take that famous turn around pose.



Soft pastel:



This is by far my favorite, pastel shades for prom. Pastel colors are always elegant, attractive and tasteful. Pair this with some bronze and nude makeup and loose hairstyles and you have the perfect look for the perfect prom.

Cutouts and strappy details:

Whether it is spaghetti crisscrosses or other unique cuts out designs, it is definitely a must choice for prom. Its classy and attractive. This 90s classic is coming back for 2018. A sleek straighten hairstyle is your best bet and it lets the dress do the talking. Keep the makeup, clean and soft.





Color is the key to finding the perfect velvet dress. Whether you are looking for a dress that is a simple color (blue, pink, red) or something a bit more complex such as a mermaid cut. You can also do something more simple in cut such as ballroom gown style. Match this dress with a bold lip, matching heels and clutch. if you have a low neckline, add a poppin' gold or silver necklace.

Have you decided on hair and makeup? Set up your appointment at BPure Beauty Bar 

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Best St. Patrick's Day Cocktails

Happy St. Patrick's Day weekend 2018! 

What better way to celebrate this holiday than with a festival, delicious drink? We have done our research and here are 18 of our favorite cocktails we know you won't regret. 

1. Luck of the Irish shots.

This festival, minty and chocolate will definitely turn some heads and get the party going. 


green irish shots.jpg

2. Chocolate Guinness Float

I'm a huge fan rootbeer floats when I was young, why not spice it up and enjoy this sweet, delicious drink. 

3. Shamrock Sour cocktail

Sweet. Sour. Green. What more could you ask for on this festival green leprechaun holiday? :)

4. Irish Jello Shots

An everyone's favorite. Can't have a party without jello shots right? 

5. Sparkling Shamrock


Want something cool and fresh? This is festival, simple and if you are anything like me you will love the melon flavor.

6. Andes Mint Martini


7.  Grasshopper

A classic milkshake with a twist.

8. Blushing Whiskey Sour

Photo credit:  Klienworth & Co.

Photo credit: Klienworth & Co.

Beautiful AND Tasty

9. Paddy Wallbanger

An Irish twist on this classic cocktail. 

10. Dirty Girl Scout

Our favorite girl scout with an adult twist ;) 

11. Bailey's Flat White Martini


I love the Flat White lattes at Starbucks. What better way than with a little sweet Bailey's to add to the already favorite.

12.  Green Dublin Cocktail   

Tart and delicious. a great hit for you and your ladies for a night out this weekend.

13. St. Patrick's Day Cocktail

Refreshing rum cocktail for those of you relaxing this weekend.

14. Irish Coffee Royale

irish coffee .jpeg

Warm up with this delicious warm beverage for this cool evening nights out this weekend (or any weekend for that matter we won't judge :P)

15. Irish car bomb

irish carbomb.png

This is something I use to have every year in college on St. Patrick's day. A favorite of mine with cream, whiskey, and, stout (mostly Guinness). 

16. Baby Guinness Jello Shots

(mmm Delish).

17. Lucky Charms Shot

Reminisce about your favorite childhood cereal. 

18. Green Apple Sangria

I love sangrias, they are so refreshing. Why not add a green, festive twist to it? 


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