Best St. Patrick's Day Cocktails

Happy St. Patrick's Day weekend 2018! 

What better way to celebrate this holiday than with a festival, delicious drink? We have done our research and here are 18 of our favorite cocktails we know you won't regret. 

1. Luck of the Irish shots.

This festival, minty and chocolate will definitely turn some heads and get the party going. 


green irish shots.jpg

2. Chocolate Guinness Float

I'm a huge fan rootbeer floats when I was young, why not spice it up and enjoy this sweet, delicious drink. 

3. Shamrock Sour cocktail

Sweet. Sour. Green. What more could you ask for on this festival green leprechaun holiday? :)

4. Irish Jello Shots

An everyone's favorite. Can't have a party without jello shots right? 

5. Sparkling Shamrock


Want something cool and fresh? This is festival, simple and if you are anything like me you will love the melon flavor.

6. Andes Mint Martini


7.  Grasshopper

A classic milkshake with a twist.

8. Blushing Whiskey Sour

Photo credit:  Klienworth & Co.

Photo credit: Klienworth & Co.

Beautiful AND Tasty

9. Paddy Wallbanger

An Irish twist on this classic cocktail. 

10. Dirty Girl Scout

Our favorite girl scout with an adult twist ;) 

11. Bailey's Flat White Martini


I love the Flat White lattes at Starbucks. What better way than with a little sweet Bailey's to add to the already favorite.

12.  Green Dublin Cocktail   

Tart and delicious. a great hit for you and your ladies for a night out this weekend.

13. St. Patrick's Day Cocktail

Refreshing rum cocktail for those of you relaxing this weekend.

14. Irish Coffee Royale

irish coffee .jpeg

Warm up with this delicious warm beverage for this cool evening nights out this weekend (or any weekend for that matter we won't judge :P)

15. Irish car bomb

irish carbomb.png

This is something I use to have every year in college on St. Patrick's day. A favorite of mine with cream, whiskey, and, stout (mostly Guinness). 

16. Baby Guinness Jello Shots

(mmm Delish).

17. Lucky Charms Shot

Reminisce about your favorite childhood cereal. 

18. Green Apple Sangria

I love sangrias, they are so refreshing. Why not add a green, festive twist to it?